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Tips for Capturing Picture Perfect Clicks of Kids

Let’s face it! Getting adults to give that picture perfect pose for the best possible photographs is a pretty challenging job but when it comes to capturing kids for posterity in stunning pictures, it can seem to be an impossible task. Have you faced this problem? Here are some ideas you can use next time.

Be Realistic

There is more than one meaning to this tip. Accept that a child is not going to pose for that perfect portrait like you want her/him too. Asking her/him to smile or hug her/his brother or look demure and pretty is probably just going to make her/him fidget and look like she/he would much rather be anywhere else.

Instead, think about photographing her/him in more realistic poses, while she/he is just being herself. Tag along during playtime or when she/he is with her/his siblings or parents or when she/he is doing something she/he loves and you are sure to get some stunning photographs that truly capture her spirit.

Don’t expect your photo op to come by instantly

A photo session with a kid can be a challenging task but it can transform into a highly rewarding one with plenty of photo- ops if you approach it with patience. Get the child comfortable before you start clicking. Once she/he is starting to enjoy herself/himself, feeling comfortable in your presence, don’t put your camera down. This is the time when there will be innumerable photo ops coming your way and you don’t want to miss any of them. You can pick out the best ones later. For now, just try to get everything on camera.

Try to capture the child’s personality

With children, the trick is to capture their inner self, the personality and when you do, you are very likely to have a superlative photograph. With adults, you (or they) may be focusing on their appearance, their posture, their best side, and so on but with children, the best pictures are those that convey the joy, the innocence, the mischief that lies inside them. Instead of focusing only on the child’s face, try to get pictures of the child’s hands and feet, too. Also, capture photos showing the child from various angles, both close up and full body- these are the pictures that convey her/his body language best.

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