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Ana + Chris's Engagement Session at Spring Lake, New Jersey

Ana and Chris, who got engaged this summer on the Fourth of July, were the lucky winners of a session giveaway contest we ran through our social media accounts about a month or so ago. We met up with them for their engagement photo session in Spring Lake, New Jersey. Spring Lake is one of my favorite locations to shoot because you can easily photograph two drastically different locations, only mere minutes apart from each other.

We began our session in Divine Park, which was bursting with fall colors all around us and reflecting beautifully in the lake. The park isn't huge, but has plenty of cute little pathways and footbridges linking one side with the other. As Ana and Chris walked hand in hand around the park gazing at each other and giggling it was clear to see they had a natural chemistry and shared sense of humor.

After we finished up in the park we headed right over to the beach, just minutes away. We were greeted with a beautifully whimsical looking sky, boasting soft and dreamy shades that swirled of pink and purple and reminded me of sherbert. Little did we know, that was only the start of what the sky had planned for us that sunset! We strolled the boardwalk for a bit and then moved on to the beach to explore a rocky jetty. Chris and Ana had some fun chasing each other up and down the coast, flirting with both the waves and one another. As the sunset progressed it got more beautiful and vibrant by the minute, shifting from shades that were light and dreamy, to bold and passionate oranges and reds. We all stood in awe at how truly beautiful this show in the sky was.

The stunning sunset was the perfect ending to our lovely session with Ana and Chris. Their love and understanding of each other was palpable and seemed to burn as bright as all of the colors in the sky we witnessed that evening!


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