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Lauren + John's Fall Princeton Engagement Session

When Lauren and John came to us looking for a classy, romantic and fun engagement session, we looked no further than Princeton, New Jersey. The town and campus at this time of year made us feel like we were walking around Stars Hollow in the middle of an episode of Gilmore Girls.

The leaves were bursting with beautiful vibrant orange and red colors and the air was cool and crisp! The dropping temperatures didn't phase Lauren and John at all. They were wrapped up in a blanket of warm laughter and cozy hugs with one another throughout the entire session.

We had a fantastic time exploring the Princeton campus together as we stopped to take advantage of the gorgeous architecture all around us. The best part about shooting in Princeton is all of the ornate archways and historic buildings to capture, truly giving off a European fairytale vibe!

It was such a joy to work with Lauren and John, their chemistry and the way they were able to get each other to laugh was effortless and just contagious! We were all laughing our way along the pathways and among the gorgeous foliage having a great time.

We ended our day on the Princeton baseball diamond located at Clarke Field which provided our very own little field of dreams-esque backdrop. Lauren and John are big Yankee fans so this location was a grand slam for them. They snuck some kisses in the dugout and explored the field hand in hand, with huges smiles on their faces. As the sun was setting, it cast a beautiful warm and dreamy light on them and made for the perfect fairytale ending.

This session was a pop fly out of the park, and a home run for all! Congrats Lauren and John, and thank you for letting us capture this milestone in your love story!


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