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Erin + Evan's Fall Engagement Session at Sourland Mountain Preserve

European charm, cobblestone streets and a touch of romance, all drenched in golden light and set against a deep blue sky is where the love story of Erin and Evan begins. Back in 2014 both were studying abroad in Seville, Spain. Although they attended different abroad programs, as fate would have it, their paths crossed one night as both of their groups met up at a local bar and continued to explore the rest of the night together. These two hit it off right away, and on their first night meeting they even witnessed a proposal which seemed to add just a little bit of love and magic to everything.  

Erin and Evan spent the next three months falling in love with the charm and culture of the city, and of course, each other. Nights spent wandering, exploring and getting lost together, and days spent enjoying good food, art and Spanish wines.  The couple's courage was tested even on their first official date when they had to plan a daring escape after being mistakenly locked in a park after hours near the Cathedral of Seville. Evan of course came to the rescue and helped Erin scale a 10ft tall gate complete with some very daunting looking spikes at the top! Needless to say they were living a true Spanish fairytale and filling the pages of their love story with both dreamy nights and exciting adventures.

As their European study abroad came to an end, they knew their relationship would endure, and despite the fact that they lived in New Jersey and Massachusetts, they made long distance work for six years.

The magic of Europe for this couple didn't end with their study abroad trip. Of course what better place to set the scene for a proposal! It was on their trip to Florence in July of 2019 that Evan got down on one knee beneath a beautiful archway connecting two medieval buildings that he asked Erin to spend forever with him. She was ecstatic and incredibly surprised, as she couldn't figure out how he had managed to pack and travel with the ring, without her knowing! Turns out he had been sneakily hiding it in his sunglasses case all along. If she'd only noticed he'd been holding or wearing his sunglasses the entire time!! Talk about a shady dude! (sorry I couldn't resist that dad joke.) Anyway - Erin of course said yes.

Jenna and Erin both grew up in the small town of Glen Rock in Bergen County, NJ, where they were cheerleaders and attended the same church, and the Christian Youth Organization at St. Catherine's Church. Jenna was super excited to reconnect with Erin and meet Evan when they reached out to Etched in Oak Photography to book us as their wedding photographers.

A week ago, Jenna and I met up with Erin and Evan for our sunset engagement photo session at Sourland Mountain hiking trail in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. We had a perfect day, and personally, October is one of my absolute favorite months to shoot - cool crisp air, warm colors and the sun just giving off a dreamy glow. The mountain trail we shot on was the perfect backdrop, providing wooden footbridges, tall grass, a dirt path, and even some wildlife. Just the right amount of romance and adventure, which seemed to suit Erin and Evan perfectly. These two starry eyed lovers barely needed any direction from us at all. They were so in love and in the moment with each other, we were able to shoot away and simply watch the magic happen before us.

Erin and Evan share a love story that could be found in the pages of a romance novel, we cannot wait to capture their fairytale ending that will culminate on their wedding day, as they begin their new chapter together as husband and wife.


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